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About Baby Tea Time

Juju is having a tea party! But the fun doesn't end there. Follow her enchanting, globe-trotting tea adventure with her friends Kenji, Nara, and Rice Cracker as they venture off to explore different regions of Asia discovering the tasty teas and treats of different cultures. Baby Tea Time is a rhyming story written in English and Mandarin Chinese. It includes pinyin and zhuyin to help readers learn Mandarin pronunciation. The Chinese translation is not a literal translation but rather captures the essence of the story while maintaining lyrical rhythmic verses. Like a song, its makes it easier for children to absorb, repeat and comprehend. This book is ideal for children ages 3-8, but is also a great study tool for beginning to lower-intermediate Mandarin learners of all ages. “Baby Tea Time” celebrates Asian tea culture as well as children’s love for pretend play tea parties. 

About Baby Snack Time

Learn new things at snack time with baby Juju!
Playing with food isn’t always a bad thing — snack time can be a great time to learn! Follow baby Juju during her snack time and learn fun new things including: • Counting • Directions • Colors • Shapes • Animals • Fruits • Mandarin Chinese vocabulary “Baby Snack Time” is a bilingual board book written in English and Mandarin with pinyin, a Romanization system created for readers to learn Mandarin pronunciation. This book is perfect for children ages 1-6, during a child’s prime time for language development. “Baby Snack Time” celebrates Asian culture with nostalgic snacks that many Asian family households grew up with. It’s a treat for both parents and children.

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About the Author

Judy Li is a Taiwanese American writer and designer currently living in Southern California. She has a bachelor's degree in graphic design and a master's degree in visual communication. “Baby Snack Time” is Judy’s first children’s book. She saw a need for more English Chinese bilingual books in the children’s books market, especially for many modern families with mixed-heritage children. Judy wanted to create a colorful and lively learning book that is centered on food, a pillar of Asian culture. In “Baby Snack Time,” Judy uses her talent in visual storytelling to help the next generation learn Chinese vocabulary while celebrating familiar Asian snacks she loved as a child. A lover of food, cooking, gardening and traveling, Judy leads a multifaceted life. Her professional job titles include graphic designer at a university, creative director and CEO of an online boutique, food and cooking channel YouTuber, and now, children's book author. In her personal life, she is a loving wife and aunt of 6 adorable niblings.
"I wanted to use the theme of snacking, while including nostalgic snacks that bring us comfort even as grown-ups, as a bridge to connect ourselves with our childhood and to the next generation, whether they’re Asian, non-Asian, or mixed heritage." - Judy Li

Meet the Illustrator

Born Chinese and raised in Indonesia, Grace Kelly Zhang (Grass Jelly Makes Art) is an artist who is known for her quirky, light, and cheerful art style that takes inspiration from everyday life, highlighting all the best parts. She takes priority on making her art relatable as she enjoys feeling connected to her audience. Bold, colorful yet simple is her way to go! She also enjoys snacking as much as baby Juju does!